Perfect covering

To ensure totally flawless application of the Tseezy whiteboard a blue base colour (primer) is included in the package. As marker ink cannot be removed from spots where no whiteboard paint was applied, it’s important for the Tseezy top layer to be applied as thoroughly as possible. The blue base colour helps to achieve this and makes it easier for you to notice spots you’ve skipped while applying the Tseezy top layer.

Applying Tseezy

One of Tseezy’s unique qualities is that the ink of the included markers is removable. The smoother the surface on which Tseezy is applied, the better and easier marker ink can be removed later. A very long-lasting product, Tseezy is easily applied with a roller or spray gun. While Tseezy is easy to apply, you can obviously also leave it to a professional painter. Professionals have the added benefit of being able to cover large surfaces quickly and easily with a spray gun. Tseezy’s special composition makes it important for the paint to be left to harden for at least 3 days after application for best results. The longer the paint is allowed to harden, the better you will later be able to write on the top layer with the markers.

Environmentally friendly

As all Tseezy components are environmentally friendly (with less than 1 gram of VOC per litre), both primer and whiteboard paint are fit for disposal as regular household waste.

Using Tseezy

Tseezy means unlimited writing and drawing fun. That being said, please make sure to always use the included “non-permanent” Tseezy markers. In addition, ink needs to be dry before wiping, as wet ink will get rubbed into the paint. Should this accidentally occur, you can still remove the ink using the cleaning spray.


The packaging holds everything you need − rollers, paint trays, cleaning spray, 7 whiteboard markers, primer, and, of course, whiteboard paint. Tseezy is available in white (Ral 9010) as well as trendy colours taupe, green, and lilac. Tseezy will bring a decorative touch to your living room, study, kitchen, children’s room, workshop, and office. Tseezy is suited for doors, walls, tables, and closets. Naturally, it’s up to decide where to apply Tseezy, and what size your very own whiteboard will be.

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