Tseezy at the office

How would you like to be able to present complete strategies on your office wall, or work at one concept with the entire team? Tseezy makes this very easy by making your working environment more interactive and efficient. Besides walls, Tseezy can be used on surfaces as yet unused, such as doors or desks. An added benefit is the fact that these surfaces are usually very smooth, allowing for Tseezy to really work its magic. As for practicality, most doors require exactly one package of Tseezy to be finished. Want to turn larger surfaces into a whiteboard? Then choose our special large-sized packaging, which allows for creating whiteboards up to 16 square metres large!


Tseezy is available in 4 modern trendy colours, white (Ral 9010), taupe, lilac, and green. Due to the paint’s gloss the colour white is highly suited for beamer projection screens! This will give walls a double function, as both whiteboard and projection screen.

Well-arranged presentations

By using different colours on the whiteboard you can keep your presentations well-arranged. The 7 different marker colours included make for infinite possibilities.

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