Tseezy at home

Tseezy can be enjoyed by the whole family. It’s the quick and easy way to make your own whiteboard for, e.g., shopping lists or a kitchen diary, presentations and to-do lists in your study, or a fun colouring and drawing board in the children’s room. Kids will be so happy to finally be allowed to use their colouring talent on the wall! Anything goes, as long as you come up with the ideas. What’s more, as Tseezy comes in 4 trendy colours, white (Ral 9010), taupe, lilac, and green, there’s always a perfect match to be made with your interior.

Lively colours

The 7 different colours of whiteboard markers make Tseezy even more fun! For example, you can give each family member their own colour to use in the kitchen diary, or let the kids have a great time colouring. Or how about writing a new inspiring quote on the wall above your bed every day, or your inspiration on the bathroom tiles? Tseezy whiteboard paint will cheer up everyone and every room.

Optimum use of every room

No spare walls left? Not to worry; Tseezy allows you to easily utilize unused surfaces in your home, such as doors, tables or desk tops, or the sides of bedroom closets. It can even be used on ceramic wall tiles. Just pick your ideal colour, spot, and shape, and Tseezy will provide you with the ultimate decorative finish in your living room, hallway, or bedroom.

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