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Fun & Functional

New! A type of paint that you can write upon time and time again! What’s more, as with a regular whiteboard, the ink is wiped away in a jiffy. It’s quick, easy, and clean.

Simple and mess-free!

A Tseezy whiteboard makes for a decorative and fanciful finish in your living room, hallway, or bedroom. Tseezy comes in white (Ral 9010), taupe, green, and lilac, so there’s always a fantastic match to be made. Simple instructions allow you to create a perfect 2 square metres large whiteboard wall in no time with one single package of Tseezy! Tseezy is easy to use and mess-free. Your hands won’t even get dirty!





• is a very fun and handy product.
 is all complete, you’re ready to go!
is delightfully easy to apply.
is dust-free.
is practical and clean thanks to the handy kneading bag.
is easy to dose without spilling.
is water-based (practically VOC-free).